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Course Details

Robotics Coding Courses

Course Fee: €450.00 per person
Available Dates: May 2021 to December 2021 & January 2022 to December 2022
Location: Ankara / Antalya
Course Duration: Min. 6 days (50 Hours)
  • Description

This course is designed for teachers of all subjects, who desire to learn and then to teach efficiently about fast developing disciplines such as Computer science and Robotics, which are considered to be an inseparable part of human future life.

This course seeks to provide teachers with knowledge regarding Programming, Coding, Robotics, 3D printing, but also with teaching methods developing rational thinking, decision making, cooperation and communication in a cross – cultural environment. The goal is to promote practical, interactive and playful teaching strategies in order to enhance student’s motivation, to improve self-learning process but especially to raise the quality of education. The aim of the course is also to increase the software and digital competence of the participants.

Coding, Algorithmic thinking, Critical thinking, Creative thinking, Problem solving, Communication, Collaboration, Analogue thinking, Robotics, Arduino, 3D Design, 3D Printers, Lego We 2.0, Mbot, BulutBoard, DNYArduino, Joy Kart you will have the skills and abilities.
- Security measures during programming and operation of the robot system,
- Teaching pendant and arc tool programming language,
- Structured programming language techniques and editing commands,
- Teaching commands and menu structure,
- Operator controls and indicators on the teaching hanger and operator panel,
- Correct positioning of the robot using the teaching hanger and various movement types,
- Welding program structure and operation including straight lines, circles and weaving principles,
- Correct editing procedures and programs commands and functions.

-At the end of the course, participants will get Europass Certificates and A Vizyon Academy Certificates. The courses are given by lecturers with academic qualifications.
-Every participant will have to fill 2 questionnaires for evaluation. (Pre-post questionnares).
-Participants will do cultural activities outside of the course time. Trainings are supported by ICT studies. Attendants will get instructions and material which will help them to be prepared for the courses needs.
-At the end of the project, participants will be given monitoring-evaluation forms. Course content can be tailored and expanded according to the participants' wishes.
-The participants will get material which includes information about all the areas covered at the course, lesson plans, all the produced outcomes of the course, useful links and more. All materials can be freely used by the participants at their school.

- Structured study visits
- Study visits to local schools (vocational, primary, secondary, high schools, special needs education schools) There is no extra cost for these study visits.
- There are two outdoor learning activities: Cappadocia city visit and historical places in Ankara. There is no extra cost for these activities.
- There is also an optional social programme for those interested (intercultural night, lunches and dinners at different restaurants, going out for a drink or coffee, or even an extra excursion) These activities depend on participant needs and wants, and those participating in them will have to pay for what they choose to eat and drink. If there is an optional excursion, they will also have to pay van costs and any other expenses (e.g. museum tickets)