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This App Provide
Success to your students

Virtual College is an educational application where students ask questions to teachers and ask for video lectures. The Virtual College application allows students to ask questions from 20 different courses.

It is enough to take a picture of the problem that you cannot solve and send it after selecting its course. Your question will be solved by the teachers and sent to you as soon as possible. You can also ask a question or topic you do not understand as a special video narration within 1-5 minutes. To save time, you can collect your questions and ask them at any time with the "Ask Later" feature.

In the Virtual College Teacher application, teachers earn a fee per video lesson they teach or questions they solve.Students also buy a question pack when their free usage rights run out.

We can design the application in any name and language you want. You can buy or rent if you wish.

This App Provide Stunning

E-Learning Platforms

We are establishing open source or licensed distance
education platforms for your institution.

- Learning Managenemt Systems

- Online Exams and Quizes

- Video Courses

- Teacher and Student Management

- Live Lessons

- Chat and Message

Courses for All

If you need a course we are ready to train and host you.

- Information technologies and software courses for schools

- Erasmus+ Courses

- Online Education Courses

- Job Shadowings in schools and institutes

- Internship training in many professional fields

- STEM Courses

- Teaching Materials Courses

Web Designs
Mobile Applications

We provide professional web design and mobile
application development.

- Web Designs

- IOS and Android Applications

- Graphic Designs

- E-materials for education (Scorms, videos)