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Our Services in the Field of Software and Education

  • Mobile application for asking questions and video narration between teachers and students.
  • LMS web and mobile applications for schools.
  • Establishment of distance education portals.
  • Artificial intelligence and technology trainings.
  • Software and STEM trainings for schools.
  • Host partner for Erasmus+ projects for European countries.
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App Iphone & Android

Virtual College is an educational app where students ask questions to teachers. The Virtual College application allows students to ask questions from 20 different courses. It is enough to take a picture of the problem that you cannot solve and send it after selecting its course. Your question will be solved by the teachers and sent to you as soon as possible. You can also ask a question or topic you do not understand as a special video narration within 1-5 minutes. In order to save time, you can collect your questions and ask them at any time with the "Ask Later" feature. The application can be tailored to the request of all institutions. It can be rented annually. Or it can be purchased with an indefinite license. Translation available in all languages.

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